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Battle of the BulgeBattle of the Bulge

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Touring Tale - AndalusiaFollowing the Tanks

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2016 Yamaha FJR

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Tours Couple Bow Out

After 36 years in the motorcycle tour business, Peter and Gloria Avard are retiring.

Two of the longest-running leaders in the UK motorcycle tour business – Peter and Gloria Avard – have decided to retire after running well over 300 tours across Europe. 'I've been thinking about it for a while,' said Peter, who is 76, 'and now seemed like the right time.'

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Welcome to Motorcycle Sport & Leisure Tours

With 24 years experience of organising motorcycle tours on the Continent, we are the unchallenged tour professionals.

We all love riding our bikes, but not everyone enjoys the complicated logistics involved with organising a motorcycle holiday overseas: There are hotels to book, routes to plan and ferry tickets to buy. And if you’ve never ridden abroad before, the thought of riding on unfamiliar roads can be daunting too. That’s where MSL Tours come in. Quite simply, we take all the hassle out of organising your motorcycle holiday. We book the hotels and ferry tickets; we work out the most enjoyable routes and show you the best restaurants (and from experience, we know where those are). All you need to do is turn up, ride your bike and enjoy yourself!

There’s something for everyone this year, from experienced tourers to riders looking at their first trip abroad. Whether you want the challenge of a high mileage adventure tour or a gastronomic feast in Spain or a just a relaxed weekend in northern France, MSL Tours has the answers.

We are delighted to welcome the partnership with Edelweiss Bike Tours of Austria. Edelweiss offer forty-two destinations World Wide in a one hundred page brochure, a sample of which are displayed in the following pages. A detailed brochure of all Edelweiss tours can be ordered from MSL Tours or requested direct from worldtours@edelweissbike.com telephone call 0043 5264 5690.

See you on the road!

Peter Avard
MSL Tours

Riding in Switzerland – a stern warning

Hi Peter,

I thought I would drop you a line to tell you about a bad experience I had earlier this year whilst riding through Switzerland having been on a tour down to Italy with a group of friends, you may wish to warn other riders about this.

I was filtering through a traffic queue round the side of lake Geneva with Sally on the back between 5 & 10 MPH when a car pulled out of a parking place without looking and wacked us in the side, knocking us of the bike and causing us to fall violently into the road under the bike.

So, police called, ambulance needed, big drama, carted off to hospital, x-rays etc.
I have broken my collarbone in 3 places and Sally has severe bruising to her legs but thankfully nothing broken.

Fortunately we had Carol Nash breakdown and recovery cover with our insurance which proved to be marvellous, taxi to Geneva Airport, flight to Gatwick and a hire car arranged for Sally to drive us home, all arranged and paid for. The damaged bike took just over a month to be delivered back to my home address.

Now the nasty bit regarding the revealed traffic laws in Switzerland, apparently filtering is against the law in Switzerland, although a lot of them seem to do it.

I have been fined by the Swiss traffic police for this “offence” £220 plus another £220 costs and another fee of £50 , don’t know what for and even more bizarrely a charge of £120 to process a foreigners driving license to ban me from driving in Switzerland for a period of 1 month. What on Earth is that about ?

Then to add insult to injury I received a bill from the Swiss ambulance service for £700 for taking me to the Hospital, I have since got this paid via my travel insurance.

I have subsequently engaged a solicitor (the one who writes the column in MCN) to try and claim some injury compensation from the driver of the car, this could turn out to be tricky as it turns out she works for the government as a border customs officer and her vehicle is a government car. This could go some way to explain why the police have been so heavy handed with me to make it look like none of this is her fault and it’s all down to me.

So, to all motorcyclists contemplating riding in Switzerland, BE WARNED
I will never buy another bar of toblerone again!


Neil & Sally Hardy

Riding abroad –  Important information

The emergency telephone number for all of Europe is 112 - for fire, medical and police. Ask for an English speaking assistant.

Breakdowns on motorways – In the first instance use emergency motorway phones (particularly in France). Assistance will get you off the motorway and take you to a garage, wher you can call your own breakdown assistance. This costs €180, which you can claim back from your breakdown company.

Speed Limits – We have noticed that generally the French have slowed down and keep close to the speed limits. Recent experiences in France indicate that they are tightening up on speeding. For instance, someone recently pulled over after overtaking a truck in a 90kph limit, who then continued to maintain the overtaking speed until being pulled at 130kph, was given an on the spot fine of €137 and levied a further €85 on return to UK.

This in itself is not the end of the world - but it made a hole in the beers vouchers - the sting came when the drivers license was taken and a 3mth ban of driving in France slapped on.

In this instance there were two drivers in the car, but if you are on a bike you would be left standing on the side of the road.

You have been warned, its no joke.

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